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of old and new favorites 

Why the celebration? 

Spr) celebrates its 20th Anniversary by 
giving you ilii- wonderful collection ol 
recipes -old favorites and exciting new 
dishes! We're celebrating, too, the intro- 

rim 11 >i Spi y's ■ I » lunatic new red and 

gold label! 

For 20 years, Level Brothers has been 
making Homogenized Spry the finest, 
pure all-vegetable shortening monej can 
buy— there 1- no bettei shortening on the 
market today! Ami. Lever Brothers has pioneered in making 

Sprj the mosl 1 lern shortening possible to help you to easier 

11ml better cooking. Spry is .1- essential in today's streamlined 
kitchen .1- ii was when ii was introduced as .1 rovolutionarj 
new product -" years ago. In fact, it i- more important than 
ever, because Sprj has kept pace with modern, carefree home- 
making! Winn you iisi- Sprv ami Spry 'a advanced techniques 
ami methods, you'll find all cooking and baking take less time 
ami less work. \ml yet, you -nil gel the wonderful flavor and 
goodness that we remember fondly in "old-fashioned" home 

'I'll,' laiiimi- l.ev.'i-Te-a kiirlirii- ilirough the "':"• have worked 
to develop recipes thai not onl) take advantage of Spry'B verj 
Bpecial qualities, but give you the best possible results everj 
time. The recipes in this book, for example, have been tested 
and retested under home conditions to make sure that even the 
cooking "beginner" can gel "professional" results with every 

single out— Ik- ii <i tender, flaky pie, a high, light, luscious cake 
or a fragrant hoi bread, brought warm from tin- oven i" your 

Spry i> a perfect shortening for all your cooking, baking and 
frying—in fact, Sprj makes just about everytlu'ng you cook 
taste belter. WI15 isthisso? Because, Sprj has these wonderful 

• IT'S HOMOGENIZED— pre-creamed to mi* quickly 
and thoroughly with both liquid and dry jngredients. 

I1N<; gives pastrj crisp tenderness and ideal flakiness; 
light, delicate cakes "iili tender texture and soft, moist 

the full flavor of other ingredients. Stable at high baking 
tent put aim OS. 

— an emulsifier that makes ii possible for the oake battel 
to carr) extra sugar and liquid. You gel higher, lighter, 
fine-textured cakes when you "•'■ Spry and Sprj recipes. 


Tin- quality <>l Spry doc* not vary. Lever Brothers un- 
conditionally guarantees the quality and performance 

of Spry or your money back. 

i yrlglu I95S I., i Ufothoti i,..Mi|..n.' Men Vbrk, N. X 


Finer Cakes 

Spry'a Easy "Om- 

Put measured dry ingredients (flour, 
sugar, baking powder, salt) into sifter 
and sift together once into mixing bowl. 

Drop in Spry. It needs no creaming or 
softening— is easy to mix with the other 
ingredients just as it comes from can. 

Add part or all of liquid, also flavor- 
ing. With wooden spoon, beat with 
round-the-bowl strokes (as in recipes). 

Add remaining liquid and unbeaten 
eggs; again beat with vigorous round- 
the-bowl strokes as given in the recipes. 


Pour the batter in equal amounts into 
two round layer pans which have been 
rubbed with Spry Pancoal (see p. 3). 

Let layers cool in pans on wire racks 
10 min. Loosen cakes with spatula, turn 
out on racks and let them finish cooling. 

Spry Pancoat . . . Handy Baking Aid 

\li\ '^ cup Homogenized Sprj and 'i 
cup all-purpose Hum until smooth. Use 
for "greasing" cake pans, muffin pan-. 
cookie sheets, etc. Gives even, brown 

crusts— prevents sticking. Keep Pan- 
coat in a covered dish in cupboard (or 
hunch use as needed; Pancoal does nol 
need i" !"• refrigerated. 

To prepare cake pans for baking, rub 
bottoms and sides with Spry Pancoat 

Layers come out ol the pans with 
even crusts- no slicking or breaking. 


2 cups cake flour 

1 ' :i cups sugar 

2 ' j teaspoons double acting linking 

1 teaspoon sail 
1 \ enp Homogenized Spry 

1 CUD leM 2 llllllcspoolls milk 

1 j •_> teaspoons Miuilla 

2 eggs, lllllicutcll 

Sifi first I ingredients inl being 

bowl. I)rn|i in Spry. Add -;• of milk. 

then vanilla, and beat — ( >0 strokes 12 
inin. mi mixer at low speed). Szrape 
howl and spoon or beaters. \ < l« I eggs 
and remaining milk and heal 200 
strokes (same a- before). Bake in 2 
Sprycoated 8" round layer pan- I Va" 
deep in moderate!) hot oven (375*F.) 
2.~>-.(. r > niiii. Pros! with Chocolate Frost- 
ing, p. 7. 

*With a tartrate baking powder, use 4 teaspoons. 

CUPCAKES. Reduce mill,- t.i :; i cup: 
add all milk in lirsi mixing step. I'm 
frilled paper baking cups in 2%" muf- 
fin pan-. Pour batter into cups, lillinjn 
V> hdl. Bake al 375'F. for lf>18 mill. 
Frost «iili Orange Cream Frosting, 
p. 7. Make- 2 do/. 2'/->" cupcakes. 


I ' . 


1 ': 


I i .. 


:! i 






eups sifted cuke (limr 

cups sugar 

teaspoons swln 

teaspoons suit 

teaspoon each cinnamon, cloves, 

nutmegt allspice 

cup Homogenized Spry 

eups unsweetened applesauce 

eggs, unbeaten 

cup dales, finely eul 

cup raisins, finely cul 

cup ciirnii. diced (optional) 
cup Miliums, chopped 
tablespoons In-own sugar 

Sill lir.-l I iiijircdicnls and -pice- into 

mixing Imwl. Drop in Spry. Add apple- 
sauce and heal 21)11 strokes (2 rain, on 
mixer at low speed). Scrape bowl and 

-poon or healers. Arid i-figs anil heal 

l'iiii strokes (same as before). \dd 
fruits anil "'4 cup nuts and mix thor- 
oughly. Pour batter into Sprycoated 
9" tube pan. \li\ remaining 'i cup 
nuts witn brown sugar and sprinkle 
over batter, Make in moderate oven 
(3S0*F.) I hr. and 25-35 min. 

•If sweoloned applesauce is Uled, uie only IV4 
cups sugar. 


- ! •_■ cups lifted cuke (lour 
I ! ■_■ CUp> sugar 

4 teaspoons double acting linking 

. powder' 

I teaspoon salt 
1 •_• cap lea I tablespoon water 
1 -_■ onp leM I tablespoon milk 

I teaqpoon vanilla 
:i i teaspoon orange extract 
1 i teaspoon almond extract 
-:i cup Homogenised Spry 

5 egg whitest uiilM-aien 

Sift first I ingredients into mixing 
bowl. A (lil water, milk, ami flavoring 
extracts. Drop in Spry and beal 300 
strokes (3min. on mixer at low speed), 
Scrape howl ami Bpoon or beaters se.v- 
eral times during mixing. Add egg 
whiles ami lieal 300 strokes (-aim- .1- 
before). Hake in moderatelj hoi oven 
(375°F.) in anj of these shapes: 

Tube pan ("") 45-50 rain. 

Round layer pan- l%"deep (two 9") 
25-30 min. 

Oblong pan (9"xIS"x2") W45min. 

Cupcake pans 2'/2" wide (.'! do/., i 

20-25 min. 
I lean pans (two 9") 25-30 min. 

*Wllh lartrate baking powdor, 5V? teaspoons. 

For a handsome dapple effect, dribble 
melled chocolate over frosted cake. 


orange extract and use I '4 teas| as 

each vanilla and almniul extract. Hake 
in oblong pan. ')" \ 1.1" \ 2", as directed. 
Frosl -ides and top with Heavenl] 
Frosting, p. 8. flavored with :l j teaspoon 
vanilla and 'i teaspoon almond extract. 
Midi 1 oz. chocolate with I teaspoon 
Sprj ami dribble from spoon over top 
of frosted cake, letting it run free!) 
mn sides. 

HAMI'Slllltl. Ii:\ <:\ki:. Omit vanilla: 
use 1 teaspoon each almond extract 
and orange extract; add 5*4 cup very 

linrh chopped blanched almonds to 

batter. Bake in 9" Sprycoated tube pan 
as directed. Frosl with Candied Peel 
Frosting) p. 7: deem air rim of cake 
with .-livers of toasted almonds ar- 
ranged in zigzag fashion. 


.'{ «/.. chocolate, rut very fine 

'■' | CUp linilillg wuter 

1 :1 1 cups sifleil enke (lour 
1 Vi nips sugar 
'■% leuspoon sail 

1 j teaspoon double acting linking 


:l i teaspoon soda 

1 i> enp llomogc ni/.cd Spry 

1 .: CUp buttermilk or sour milk 

1 teaspoon vanilla 

2 egg*, iinliealen 

I'ui chocolate in mixing bowl. I'our 
boiling water gradually over chocolate 

and stir until melted. Cool. Sifl Hour, 
sugar, sail, baking powder, and soda 
into chocolate mixture. Drop in Spry. 
Beat 200 Btrokea (2 min. on mixer ui 

low speed I. Scrape howl and spoon or 
beaters. Add buttermilk, vanilla, and 
eggs and heai 200 sirokc- (same as 

before I. Hake in Spr\cnalcil oblong 
pan. 11" \ 12" v. 2". in uiodetale oven 
(350*F.) 50-60 min. Frosl top and sides 
with Minute-Boil Fudge Frosting, p. 
8. into which '/■> cup chopped nuts have 
been added just before spreading. 
"With a tartrate baking powdor, use I teaspoon. 

"Ole Missy" Devil's Food Cake 


2 cups sifted cuke Hour 
1 3 /i cups sugar 

% cup coco;i 

1 '4 teaspoons soda 

!••• i< i- 1 i double acting baking 


1 teaspoon Milt 

% mp Homogenised Spry 

1 ' i cups buttermilk or sour milk 
1 teaspoon vanilla 

3 eggs, unbeaten 

Sifl first (i ingredients into mixing 
bowl. Drop in Spry. Add I oap butter- 
milk and vunilla and beat 250 strokes 
(2 ] /2 min. on mixer at low speed). 
Scrape bow] and spoon or beaten. Add 
remaining ',4 cup buttermilk and eggs 
and beat 250 stroke- (same 89 I" fore). 
Bake in two Sprycoated 9" round layer 
pa us ly^" deep in modn ;iicoven(350*F.) 
3540 min. Spread Louisiana Frosting. 
p. 8. between layers and on sides and 
top of cake. Decorate wilb pecans. 

•With a turlratc baking powder, use 3 ,4 teaspoon. 


I :1 j cups sifted cake (lour 
1 y> cups sugnr 

1 1 teaspoon salt 

\ '■: teaspoon double acting baking 


•Vj teaspoon BOdfl 

1 •_• enp Homogenized Spry 

.'. o/,. cliocolale. uielled 

1 cup biilleriuilk or sour milk 

1 teaspoon vanilla 

2 eggs, unbeaten 

1 pi. heavy cream 
1 ... cop silled confectioners' sugar 
\'\ teaspoon vanilla 

Sift first 5 ingredients into mixing 

howl. Drop in Spry. Add melted choco- 
late, buttermilk, and I leas| ii vanilla 

and beat 200 strokes (2 min. on nnvi 
at low speed I. Scrape bowl and spoon 
or beaters. Add eggs and beat 200 
strokes (same as before). Hake in 2 
square 11" x li" \ 2" Spryenateil pan- 
in moderate oven (350 F.) 30-35 min 
Chill layers in refrigerator. Split lay- 
ers in half horizontally. Whip cream 
-tilT: fold in confectioners' -ugar and 
V4 teaspoon vanilla. Spread evenly be- 
tween split layers and on lop of cake. 
Decorate witb curia of shaved milk 
chocolate. Chill before serving (I hrs. 
or overnight i . Cut in 1" slices for serv- 
ing. Keep refrigeratetl until all is used. 

•With o lartrato baking powder, use 1 teaspoon. 


batter in 2 Sprycoated 8" round layer 
pan- I 1 ;." deep in moderate oven 
(.■■..pO'T.I 3040 min. Frost wilb Carioc.i 
Frosting, p. it. Dei orate willi thin slice- 
of Brasil nuts. 


oblong Sprycoated pan. 8" x 12" x 2". 

in moderate oven l.!."il) ' I-". i 15-5.) mill. 
Spread IJocky lioud Foisting, p, il. on 
lop of rake. 



I ; , 


dip- sifted rake flour 
dipt sugar 

teaspoons linking powiler 
(:iii* tj pi- ) 

teaspoons salt 

cup Homogenized Spry 

<*up milk 

Icus-poon almond extract 

teaspoon orange extract 
eggs and I egg yolk* unbeaten 

nip walnuts or pecans, vt'ry 

Jiiifh cho/i/H'il. or ' •.► cup each 

>iii i i i - 1 I ingredients into mixing 
howl. Drop in Spry. Vdd milk, flavor- 
ing extracts, and 1 egg and beal 200 
strokes 12 min. mi mixer bI low speed i. 

Scrape bow] ami -| ii or healers. Add 

remaining 2 eggs and 1 egg >olk and 
beat 200 strokes (same as before). Add 
nuts and blend. Bake in Sprycooted 
'•" lube pan in moderatelj liol oven 
(375 F.) 60-70 min. Spread Primrose 
P resting, p. 7. on sides anil top and 
decorate with chopped nuts. 

si Mtn uiimi SHERBET CAKE. Omil 
almond and orange extracts and add I 
teaspoon grated lemon rind and 1'/^ 
teaspoons vanilla. Omil nuts. Frosl 
with Pineapple Sherbel Frosting, p. 7. 

nliiiiniil extract, ami orange extract 
and add 2 teaspoons vanilla. To ' ;■ of 
batter, add :; i teaspoon cinnamon, ft 
teaspoon cloves, ' ; - teaspoon allspice, 
% teaspoon nutmeg, ;,, .| tablesi n 

COCOa and lileml. S| n ill.- 2 killer-. 

alternately by tablespoon fuls, into 
Sprycoatcd °" lube pan. Run spatula 
through batters several times in mar- 
ble. Hake a- above. Spread I .ennm 

Cream Frosting, p. 7. on sides and top. 

and orange extracts and add 2 tea- 
spoons vanilla. Use 1 cup black walnuts, 
ver\ finely chopped. Frosl with Creamy 
\ anilla Frosting, p. 7. 


2' i enps -illeil cake Hour 

I j ■_■ cups -iifjiir 

2 ' j teaspoons double acting linking 

I teaspoon -all 

: i i-iip Homogenized Spry 
I teaspoon grated lemon rind 

■' i cup milk 

I teaspoon vanilla 

» eggs, unbeaten 

I cop moi-i shredded coconut 

Sin first I ingredients into mixing 
bowl. Drop in Spry; add lemon rind. 
Add l /2 cup milk, vanilla, and 1 eggj 

heal ,!(MI -Iroke- (.'. min. on mixer al 

low speed). Scrape howl and spoon or 
beaters. Add remaining milk and 2 
eggs; heal 2011 strokes (2 min. on mix- 
er al low speed I. Hake In 2 Spi \ coiled 

')" round layer pan- I ' v' deep in mod- 
erately hoi oven (875'F.) 25-30 min, 
Frosl with Lemon*) Frosting, p. 8. 

Sprinkle with COCOntlt. 

'Wllh a larlrote baking powder. u«o 4 toospoons. 


lemon rind and vanilla i add I teas| n 

orange extract and ' ■. teaspoon almond 
extract. Hake in Sprycoated oblong 

pan. 9" x 13" x 2". in moderate oven 
(350*F.) 40-45 min. Frost with Dute- 
Seoieli Frosting, \>. 8. 

Heritage Nut Cake 


\ \mi i \ FROSTING 

2 tablespoons Homogenised Spry 
1 tablespoon batter or margarine 
I teaspoon vanilla 
1 1 teaspoon Ball 

.'i caps sifted confectioners' sugar 
5 tablespoons scalded light cream 
(about ) 

Blend first I ingredients. Beat in M; cup 
su»ar. Add irrain. alternated*, willi re- 
maining sugar, beating after each ad- 
dition. Add niily enonjxli en-. mi In make 
nice spreading consistency , Make? 
frosting for tops and sides of two 8" 
round la>er». <ir 'I" lidie euke. or 2'-j 
doz. 2%" cupcakes, or 8" \ I-" \ 2" loaf. 

PRIMROSE FROSTING, \dd I i teaspoon 
almond extract and '/^ teaspoon grated 
orange rind. 


vttnillii and add ' a teaspoon grated 
l<-m<>n rind. Instead of 5 tablespoons 
light cream, use I tablespoons canned 
ptneapple juice, heated, and about 1 
tablespoon scalded light cream. 

ing step, iiinii vanilla and add -'-.I tea- 
spoon grated lemon rind and 1 table- 
spoon lemon juice. 

and add yg teaspoon each iilinnnd anil 
orange extracts. Add I tablespoon fine- 
K chopped candied orange /"•<■/ to 

mixing step, omit vanilla and add % 

teas] n grated orange rind. Instead of 

5 tablespoons light cream, use ■'! table- 
si n- orange juice and about .'I table- 
spoons scalded light crcmn. 

CHOCOLATE I ttosi i\t; 

2 tablespoons Homogenized Spry 

1 tablespoon butter or margarine 
.'{ ox. unsweetened chocolate 

.> tablespoons hot milk 

2 cups sifted confectioners 1 sugar 
1 1 teaspoon suit 

1 £ teaspoon vanilla 

Mi-li In -i 3 ingredients together over 
hot water. Pour hoi milk over combined 
sugar and salt and stir until sugar is 
dissolved. \dd vanilla. Add chocolate 
mixture and heal until thick enough to 
spread. Makes enough frosting for tops 
of l" ■_• doz, '_" !•" cupcakes or lor tops 
ami sides ol two 8" layers. 

CHOCO-M1NT FROSTING. Ad.l y% tea- 
sp peppermirtt extract to Frosting. 


2 egg whiles unbeaten 
1 V-z cups sugar 

't lahlesptmns water 

3 1.1UI. - ( n- I i::lii eorn sirup 

% teaspoon ereum of lurlur 

!h « . - . i - i . . ... 1 1 - ; • 1 1 
1 teaspoon vuuilln 

I'm firal 6 ingredients in top "I ■ 1 < > 1 1 1 ■ 1 1 - 
boQer and mix thoroughly. Place over 
rapidly boiling water and Deal nm- 
Btontly with rotary egg beater until 
mixture will hold u peak (about 7 
min.). Remove from hot water, add 
vanilla, and beat until thick enough 
to spread Makes enough frosting for 
lops anil side- of two "" lasers. 

LEMOIN-Y FROSTING. Omit cream of 

tartar and add 1 tablespoon lemon juicr 
to ingredients in double boiler before 

eooking. Reduce vanilla to x -> leas| n 

and add '/2 tea-pomi grated lemon rind. 

LOUISIANA FROSTING. Instead of l l /fe 

eups granulated sugar, use 1 cup gran- 
ulated sugar and 'A cup Bitted brown 
■sugar, firmly packed. Use ilurk corn 
sirup instead of light. 

CARIOCA FROSTING. Add 2 oz. choco- 
late, melted and i led. In frosting just 

before spreading. 


(t oz. xciiiisweet chocolate 

1 cup sifted confectioners' sugar 

5 tablespoons light cream, -cabled 
1 I teaspoon * anilla 

4 marshmallows. eul in eighths 
1 :; eop walnuts, coarsely cut 

Mell chocolate over hut water. Heat 
in sugar, alternately with cream. Add 
vanilla, marshmallows. and mils. Makes 
frosting for top of 8" x 12" loaf. 

HIM ll-ltOII 

2 oz. chocolute, finely cut 
1 '/•> cups sugar 

7 tuhlespnons milk 

2 tablespoons Homogenized Spry 

2 tablespoons butter or margarine 

I tablespoon eorn sirup 
1 i teaspoon salt 
I lca«| n \ anillu 

Put all ingredients except vanilla in 
saucepan. Bring slowlv In a full roll- 
ing boil, stirring constantly, and boil 
briskly 1 min. (On a rainy or very hu- 
mid day. boil mixture I ! ■• min. I Cool to 
lukewarm. Add vanilla and beat until 
thick enough to spread. If frosting be- 
comes loo thick, add a little cream or 
soften ovei hoi water. Makes enough 
frosting for tops of two 8" layers or for 
top and sides of 8" x 12" x 2" loaf. If 
desired. l /> cup chopped nuts can be 
added to frosting fust before spreading. 


1 cup sifted brown sugar, firmly 

3 tablespoons Homogenized Sprj 

2 tablespoons butter or margarine 
1 i teaspoon suit 

1 :i cup milk 

1 ' i cups sifted confectioners' sugar 

1 ■_• enp dales, eul in small pieces 
1 I cup chopped nuts 

Combine Brsl I ingredients in medium- 
sized saucepan ami bring -lowly to a 
boil over low heat, stirring constantly. 
Mid milk, blend thoroughly, then 
bring to a boil and boil gently over 
low heal 3 min.. stirring occasionally. 
Remove from heat Cool -lightly. Add 
confectioners' sugar and beat until 

thick •■ igh lii -pread. Stir in dates 

and nuts. Makes enough frosting for 
-ides and lop of 9" x 13" x 2" cake. 

and nuts. 


Tender, Flaky Pantry . . . Spry's Sure "Water-Whip" Way ! 

Here's a new pastry method Hint ex- 
perienced pie-makers like because ifs 
quick and easy ... a method thai be- 
ginners like because it's sure to give 
successful results. And such deliciou; 

pastry— tender i flaky, nut-sweet! For 
perfect paatrj every lime, Eollon the 

f.i-\ -tip- ill Spry's "Water-Whip" 
method pictured In-low. 

Pour boiling water and milk over Spry 
in medium-sized mixing bowl. Tilt bowl 
and break up the shortening with fork. 

Whip with rapid cross-the-bowl strokes 
until all liquid is absorbed and mixture 
is smooth and thick like whipped cream. 

Sift flour and soil onto Spry "whip." 
No cutting-in of shortening ... no 
guessing about how much water to addl 

Stir, with round-the-bowl strokes, until 
all the ingredient! cling together and 
form a dough that "cleans" the bowl. 

Roll "Water-Whip" Pastry This Easy Way! 

Roll dough between 12" squares of 
waxed paper to size o( paper. If paper 
wrinkles, replace with new squares. 

Peel off lop paper, Center pastry over 
pan, pastry side down. Remove paper 
gently and "ease" pastry into pan. 


;: i cap Homogenised Sprj 
1 i cap lioiling water 

1 Uublespoon milk 

2 cups -i fi.-ii all-purpose flour 

1 l< 'llspnoll Mill 

Pin Spry in medium-sized mixing bowl. 
Add boiling water and milk anil break 
up shortening with fork. Till howl and. 
with rapid cross-the-bowl strokes, whip 
with Fork until mixture is smooth and 
thick like whipped cream and holds 

-nil peaks when fork is lifted. Sifl 
flour and -all together onlo Spry mix- 
ture. Stir quickly, with round-the-bowl 
Strokes, into a dough that cling- to- 
gether :i ml "cleans" the howl. I'ick lip 

and work into a smooth dough; shape 
into a Hal round. Ileing soil and pliable, 
"Water-Whip" pastrj is especiall) 
suited io rolling the easy new ''waxed- 
paper mi (see pictures above). Or. if 

preferred, ihe dough ran lie lulled in 

t In- usual was on a Boured pastrj cloth 
in board. 

This recipe make- enough pastry for 

a 9" 2-crust pie or for a 9* lattice- 
top pie or for 9 tart or patty shell-. 

For an attractive top on a 2-crust pie, 
brush top of pie before baking with 
light cream or milk or slightly beaten 

rftf- ii hilv. and sprinkle with sugar, 


I recipe "Water-Whip" I'iei'i'ust, 

p. II) 
(t nips pared, cored thin apple 

1 cup sugar 

:i i teaspoon einiiaiiuin 

1 1 teaspoon nnimcg 
W teaspoon sail 

I teaspoon lemon juice 

I tablespoon Imller or margarine 

Divide pastry in half, shape each half 
into a smooth, Hal round. I!"ll one half 
1 s" thick and line a ')" pie pan. Arrange 
\'2 ol apple slices ill pan. \li\ sugar. 
Spices, -all. and lemon juice and 
sprinkle half over apple-. I'm remain- 
ing apple slice- Oil top and cover with 

remaining sugar. Doi with butter. Trim 
pastr) even with pan. Hull remaining 
dough and lav over apple-. Trim pastr) 
' •_>" beyond pan. fold it under bottom 
crust, ami pre-- edges together with 
fork. Cut decorative slits in top crust to 
lei steam escape. Hake on lower shelf 
in hoi oven ( I IT) F.I 15-55 min. 

FRENCH APPLE PIE. \dd ' , ; cup seed- 
less raisins and 1 tablespoon diced 
citron to fruit. While pie i- warm. 
spread top crust will] a mixture of Y> 
cup sifted confectioners' sugar, 2 tea- 

-piiiui- scalded mill;. ' s teaspoon vn- 


Fil dough smoothly into pan. Irim pastry 
with scissors W beyond pan rim 

For a rope rim, pinch with thumb and 
bent forefinger; make sharp crimps. 

Prick shell all over with fork to help 
keep shell in shape during baking. 

To Make A 
Perfect Pie Shell 

Follow Those Key Steps . . . 
Use This Suit Spry Recipe! 


1 ■: riip Ion I tablespoon 

I Itiiiu.-. iij /el Spry 

.'{ tablespoon! hoiling water 
I teaspoon milk 
I ■ i cups sifted nil-purpose flour 
1 ■_> teaspoon unit 

I'ui Spry in medium-sized mixing bowl. 
\ilil boiling water and milk and break 
up shortening with fork, 'lilt bowl and, 
with rapid cross-the-bowl strokes, whip 
with fork until mixture is smooth and 
thick like whipped cream and holds 
sofi peaks when fork is lifted. Sift 
Hour and -.ill together onto Spry mix- 
lure. Stir quickly, with round-thc-bnwl 
strokes, into a dough thai clings to- 
gether and "deans" the bowl. Pick up 
and work into a smooth dough; shape 
Into a flat round. 

I" roll, put dough between two 12" 
squares of waxed paper and roll lightly 
into a circle aboul size of paper. Peel 
.ill top paper, place pastrj in ')" pie pan. 
pastry nexl to pan. Carefully remove 
paper, Fil pastry into pan. trim '.,•■ 
beyond pan. nun back even with edge 
of pan. flute ri in. Prick shell all ovei 
with fork (for baked shells onij I. Bake 
in very hot 0V111 I 150 I''. I 14-19 inin. 

Makes enough pastrj for a '»" pie shell, 
ii tart shells, or pastry topping for ob- 
long <>" x 10" x 2" baking dish. 

SAVORY PASTBY. To make a pastrj 
especiallj g I for meal pies, use boil- 
ing concentrated consomme instead of 

lioiliii" wulvr. Add V-i leaspnoii giirlir 
seasoning suit or garlic pontic: to silted 
flour and salt. 


Colonial Inn Pecan Pie 


1 a eup cold water 
W teaspoon Ball 
7 tablespoon! cornstarch 

I ' •• cups hoi water 

I ' i cups sugar 

; * egg yolks, dightl) beaten 

Grated riml of I Irmon 

1 ;i cup lemon juice 
I ; . ■ i . I . - 1 ..... 1 1 I. nil. i m- margarine 
I baked "Wnier-Wliip" IV Shell, 
P. 11 

Mix cold wain-, -alt. ami cornstarch. 
Combine hoi water ami sugar in top 
of double boiler and bring to boil OVCJ 
direcl beat. Add cornstarch mixture 
and cook until thickened; place nver 
hoi water and cook until thick ami 
smooth (l. r ) niin. i. stirring constantly. 
Nil a lillle of mixture into egg yolks, 
return to double boiler, ami COOK a few 
niin. longer. Adil lemon rind and juice 
and butter. Cool. Pour into baked pie 
shell. Top with Meringue, p. 12, and 

bake as directed. 


3 egg while!' 
6 l.tltl. - 1 .... .ii - sugar 
1 teaspoon lemon juice or 
1 j teaspoon vanilla 

Beat egg whites until slid and dry. Add 
sugar. 1 tablespoon at a time, beating 

well after each addition. Continue beat- 
ing until Miff peaks form when beater 
is lifted. Add flavoring. Spread me- 
ringue lightly over cooled filling in pie 
-lull, making sure il touches pastry 
rim all around to prevent shrinking. 
Make swirls or peaks in meringue with 
back of spoon. Bake in slow oven 
(325"F.) 25-30 min., or until linn and 
delicately browned, pie cool on 
rack away from drafts. 


I unbaked -Waicr-Whii." Pie 
Shell, p. 11 

8 eggs 

2'a cups (I lb.) light brown sii|{ur, 
ii. ml- peeked 
1 1 cup batter or margarine, melted 

Dash of salt 
1 ■ teaspoon vanilla 
1 cup pecans, coarsely cnl 

Make a pie shell with a flat rim. Meal 
eggs -lightly : add sugar gradually, 
healing well: add melted hiill.i and 
mix. \.l.l -all and vanilla: blend. 
Sprinkle Vi of pecan- over bottom of 
shell. I'. mi sugar mixture into shell. 
Sprinkle remaining pecans on lop. Bake 
in moderate oven (.'{50° F.) 40 min.. or 
unlil filling is almosl set. Reduce heat 
to -low (250T.I and bake 10-15 min. 
longer, or until set. 


1 tablespoon gelatin 

1 j top cold water 

I •■:■..■: yolks. -lightl, beaten 
Mi nip sugar 

1 s teaspoon salt 

1 a cup lime juice 
1 leaspOOD grated lime rinil 

1 i teaspoon grated lemon rind 

few (hops of green coloring 

I egg >* bites 

1 1- cup siigur 

I baked "Water-Whip" P*« Shell, 

p. 11 

1 ■; cup heavy cream, whipped 

Soften gelatin in water. Combine egg 
yolks, Yi cup Bugar, -all. limr juice, 
and grated rinds in lop of double boilei 
and mix. Cook over boiling water until 
thick and foamy, beating constant^ 
with rotary beater (5 min.). Remove 
from heat. Add gelatin and blend. \<ld 
green Coloring. Cool at room tempera- 
ture until thick enough to mound slight- 
ly when dropped from spoon, Beal egg 

whites until BtilT: heal in '/•> elip sugai 

gradually. Fold into gelatin mixture. 
Pile lightly in cool baked pie shell. 
Decorate with whipped cream. Refrig- 
erate several hours or overnight. 


•standard l'a-li ' . p. 13 

1 cup .sugar 

2 tablespoon* flour 

1 ., teaspoon salt 

'a cup cherry Juice, drained from 

1 1 teaspoon almond extract 

3 cups drained, .'aimed pilled 
sour red cherries, packi-il in 
nut IT 

I tablespoon bolter or margarine 

Divide pastry in half. Itoll one half ' . 
thick and line ')" pie pan. Trim pastr; 
Vis" beyond pan. turn dough back ami 
make a fluted rim. Mix sugar, flour, 
and suit in a small saucepan. Stir in 
cherry juice ami simmer until thickened 
(about ."> mill. I. Cool slightly; add al- 
mond extract. Place cherries In pie pan, 
pour cherry- juice mixture over them. 
dot with butter. Roll remaining dough 
Vs" thick, cut into strips :, s " wide. Lay 
5 strips over cherries. evenU -paced. 

pressing ends into rim. La; 5 more 
strips over fruit, at light angles to lirsl 
-trips, press ends into rim. Itrush strips 
with light iitiim, sprinkle with sugar. 
Bake on lower shell in lint oven 
(425° F.) 40-50 min. 

"If cherrio* packed In sirup are used, reduce 
sugar lo \fy cup and increase juice to Vs cup. 

Standard Pastry 


sifted all-purpose (lour 


Homogenized Spry 

cold water 

Two-crnsl 9" Tie 

or l.alliee I'ic 
2 cups 

I teaspoon 

3 /l cup 
■I tablespoons 

9" Pie Shell or 
(> Turt Sheila 

1 ' i cups 

1 1 teaspoon 
!j cup 

2 '■■ tablespoons 

Put Hour and salt in mixing bowl and 
mix. Cut in Spry as follows: 

Slop / for Tenderness— cut in % 
uf Sprj until a- fine as meal. 

Step 2 for Flakine**— cut in remain- 
ing Spry (0 size of large peas. 

Sprinkle water. 1 tablespoon at a lime. 
over mixture. Mix thoroughl) with fork 
into a dough ; pick up and work into a 

-ii ill hall of dough. Use fur making 

pies, tarts, turnovers, etc. RoD standard 
pastry on a floured board or clolb— nut 
between waxed paper. 


Tart or Patty Shells 

I se recipe for ' Watn-W hip" Piecrust, 
p, Hi. .11- Standard Pastry, i>. 13. Roll 
dough 'k" thick and prick all over with 
fork. Cm Hiii .v circles ami lii over 
hacks of .'!" muffin pan-, pinching into 
aboul 7 pleats. Bake in very hoi oven 
(450' F.J 10-15 min. Cool. Makes 9 tart 
mi patt) -lull-. Fill shells with fruit or 
creamed chicken, fish, or vegetables. 


; tablespoons Homogenised Spry 

'■ i.iiii'-] n- iiitui 

•• i teaspoon sail 

I i teaspoon paprika 

V4 teaspoon celery salt 
Dash <>f pepper 
I ' :• oup< chicken hroih 

I I cup li;;!' 1 cream 

I ! i caps cooked chicken, cul in 
pieces (two <>■«■/.. cans) 

1 i II). fresh mushrooms, sliced anil 

.hi i< - >\ . or one 'l-o/.. ran 

mnahrooms, drained 
Vi pimiento, enl in small pieces 
6 baked Patty Shells, p. 14 

\lrli Sprj in saucepan; add next 5 
ingredients ami blend. Si" i» chicken 

liiulli ami cieaill (■ra<luall> : COOk anil 

-iir over l"« heal until thickened. Add 
chicken, mushrooms, ami pimiento and 
heat. Serve in pattj -hell-. Garnish with 
parsley. Makes '> servings. 
• up- mill, instead ol chicken luuih and 
cream : add 1 teaspoon grated onion 
and '- cup grated American cheese i<> 
sauce, -i in in» until cheese is melted. 
Omit chicken, mushrooms, and pimien- 
to; add 1 cup each cooked peas ami cut- 
up asparagus. For a touch ol yellow, 
use 1 cup each canned whole corn ker- 
nels, drained, and cooked cut-up siring 

STEAK N omiin I'll; 
1 ;i enp Homogenized Spry 

I ] •_• enp- -lieed onions 
1 ! ■■ Ihs. round sleak, cut in Vi" 
1 :[ cup Hour 
3 teaspoons salt 
14 teaspoon pepper 
.'{ ! i cups hoiling water 

1 tahlespoon \\ oreeslershire 

1 iup raw potatoes, cut in '.:" 

I recipe "Walei-Whip" Pie Shell. 
p. 11 

Mel I Spry in skillet, add unions, and 
(r> slowly until yellow. Ileinove onions, 
lioll meal In mixture of Hour. -all. and 
pepper. Sear in hot Spry in skillet until 
richly browned. Add boiling water and 

Worcestershire -am -e and sprinkle in 
Bnj remaining Hour mixture. Cover and 
simmer until meal is lender (ahout 1 
In.). Add potatoes, cook 10 min, longer. 
Roll pastry dough into a rectangle 
' i" thick and ahout 1" larger than 
6" x 10" x 2" baking dish. Pour boil- 
ing hot meat mixture into dish and 
place cooked onions on lop. Fil pastry 
over top ami seal edge of pie. ( lul deco- 
rative steam vent- in pastry. Bake in 
mia lini oven (ISO !' - .) 25-30 min. 

Make- l. -ri \ ings. 



Spry's Easy 



First drop lablespoonf uls of cookie 
dough onto Sprycoated baking sheet, 
leaving about 2" between the mounds. 


1 •_■ cap Homogenized Spry 
1 ■• teaspoon mil 
1 % teaspoon grated lemon Hud 
1 '% teaspoon nutmeg 

1 Clip MIS'"' 

2 cm:-, unbeaten 

2 cupa sifted all-purpose Hour 

1 teaspoon i> i(.in- powder 
1 •_• teaspoon soda 

2 tablespoons milk 

Combine nrsi 6 ingredients and beal 
until smooth. Sid Hour willi liakin<i 
powder and soda, add to Spry mixture 
and blend; add milk ami mis well. 
Measure oul level tablespoons ol dough 
on Sprycoated baking sheets. Flatten 
cookies 1 • > stamping with a Bat-bot- 
tomed glass covered with a damp cloth. 
Sprinkle with sugar. If desired, press 
.'! -ceiled raisins or split blanched al- 
monds into each cookie. Baki- in mod- 
erately hoi oven.(375°F.) 10-12 min. 
.Make- V m doz. 

Slamp into rounds with flaf-botlomed 
glass covered with damp cloth. Easier 
and quicker than rolling and cutting! 

CI T-Ol T COOKIES. Omil mill, ami 

chill dough lor several hours or ovcr- 
nigbl in refrigerator. Roll aboul 'i ul 
dough al a time on Honied doll) I" 
' s" lliiekne-... (ail out shape- witll 

fancy cookie cutters, brush with egg 
white, ami sprinkle with colored 

SUgatS, spirril sugar, or chopped mils. 

HOLIDAY COOKIES. Omit lemon rind 

and nutmeg; add 1 teaspoon vanilla. 
Omil in i //,■. Add to dough: ' i cup dates, 
finely cut, ' :1 cup candied cherries, 
chopped, - tablespoons citron. chopped. 
'/i cap walnuts, chopped. Make 

-lamped cookie- a- directed, sprinkle 

with colored sugars. 

nioi'icAi. si <;vit (Ktokir.s. Omil nut- 
meg; increase grated lemon rind to 1 
teaspoon. Add 2 lea-poon- grill ril 
orange rind. Substitute orange juice for 
milk. \dd '-':■. cup coconut, finely cut- 

Sprinkle kies before liaking with 

1 .i cup sugar rubbed with ' -j teaspoon 
grated orange rind. 



I cup Homogenized Spry 

1 cup sugar 

1 teaspoon salt 
I teaspoon cinder 

1 Idlspoon < i IIII.IIIM'II 

1 egg, unbeaten 
1 cup llloluSHCS 

4 cups rifled all-purpose dour 
1 teaspoon soda 
1 i cup bulteriiiilk or sour milk 

Combine first 7 ingredients and beat 
until smooth. Sift Bout ami soda to- 
gether; add % of flour i<> Spiv mix- 

lure and blend. Add luillermilk and 

blend; add remaining flour and mix 
well. Measure oul level tablespoons <>f 
dough mi Sprycoated baking sheets. 
Flatten cookies by Btamping with a Bat- 
bottomed glass covered with u damp 
cloth. Sprinkle with sugar. Hake in 
moderate oven (350*F.) 12-15 min. 

Makes about 6% di>/. 


1 cup Homogenized Spr> 

I V-i cups sifled brown sugar, firinl.v 
I teaspoon salt 

1 teaspoon cneb cinnamon, 

nutmeg, allspice 

2 eggs, unbeaten 

I ! i cups sifled all-purpose (lour 

:l i teaspoon sod« 

1 i cup luillermilk or sour milk 
I ! i cups rolled onls 

I cup nuis, chopped 

I '/>■ cups seedless raisins 

Combine first 7 ingredients and heat 
thoroughly. Sift flour and soda to- 
gether. Add Vu of Ih.ur to Spry mix- 
line and hleml. \dd buttermilk and 
mix. then add remaining Hour and 
blend. Add oats, nuts, and raisins and 
mix well. Measure out rounded luhle- 

-i ns oi dough on Sprycoated baking 

sheets. Make iii moderate!) hoi oven 
(375°F.) 12-15 min. Makes 5 doz. 



% cup Homogenized Spry 

1 ' -2 cups sifleil dark brown sugar, 

iii ml' packed 
1 teaspoon salt 

1 teaspoon each cloves, cinnamon, 
1 i teaspoon nutmeg 

1 teaspoon vanilla 
■ ' eggs, unbeaten 

2 cups sifted all-purpose flour 

I £ teaspoon soda 

'^ eup buttermilk or sour milk 
I | j cups each candied pineapple 

and candied cherries, chopped 

'■2 eup candied citron, chopped 
I ' ■< cups seedless raisins 
1 ' ■< rups currants 

'i rup filberts, chopped 

I I cup walnut'-, chopped 

Combine firsl 9 ingredients in mixing 

howl and Deal until smooth. Sill flour 
and soda together: add l /-> ol Hour to 

Spry mixture and blend. Add j ^ of 
buttermilk ami blend, then remaining 

Hour ami remaining hiillermilk. mixing 
well after each addition. Add fruits 
and nuts. Measure out rounded table- 
Si ns hi dough "it Sprycoated baking 

-heel- Hake in model ale oven (350" !■'. I 

20-25 min. Cool. Decorate tops of cook- 
ies with a "halo of Creamj Vanilla 
Frosting, p. 7. Make- 7 doz. 

•Halo Candied Fruities 

Luscious Brownies . . . Spry's "Miracle" Way ! 

Put all ingredients except nuts in mix- 
ing bowl, then mix in a single step — 
just 200 easy round-the-bowl strokes! 

Let brownies cool thoroughly before 
culling, ihen make 4 evenly spaced 
cuts across each way with long knife. 


•' i cup in. .1 alt-purpose floor or 

% cup + 2 tablespoons lifted 
cake flour 

1 cop (agar 

7 tablespoon:- cocoa 
1 j teaspoon linking powder 
*' i teaspoon salt 

-;i nip I I' gcni/.l il Spry 

2 cjibs. unbeaten 

1 teaspoon viuiilla 

I liihb ■ i i rorn sirup 

1 flip walnuts, coarsely nil 

Sift first ."> ingredients into mixing 
bowl. Add nexl 4 ingredients, Mis 
thoroughly hy beating 200 round-the- 
bowl strokes (2 rain, on mixer at low 
speed). Scrape bowl and spoon once 
during mixing. Slir in nuts, reserving 
a few for top. Spread batter in Spry- 
coated 8" \ 8" x 2" square pan. Sprin- 
kle remaining nuts over batter. Hake 

in moderate oven (350°F.) 10- 1") mill. 
(Avoid overbaking as it make, 
brownies less moist.) Cool in pan on 
rack 10 min. Turn mil of pan. finish 
Cooling on rack. Lei brownies get cold 
before cutting, to avoid crumbling. 
Make I evenly '-paced cuts across each 
way. Makes 25 brownies I" thick. 

BROWNIES ROYALE. Bake batter in 
Spryeoaled ')" s ')" \ 2" pan at 350° F. 
for 30-35 min. When cold, cul into 9 
squares. To serve, top each square with 
a scoop of vanilla icecream ami a pour- 
over of chocolate sauce. 

PEAN1 I s\miii:s 

1 ■_■ cap Homogenized Spry 
1 nip sifted brown sugar, (irmly 

I nip granulated sugar 

1 cup creamy peanut butter 
I teaspoon vanilla 

1 i teaspoon salt 

2 eggs, unbeaten 

I ' •; nip> sifted all-purpose flour 
1 teaspoon soda 
1 j rup sailed blanched peanuts. 

cut in pieces 

Combine first 7 ingredients and beat 
until smooth. Sift Hour and soda to- 
gether; addtoSprj mixture and blend. 

Add peanuts and mis. Sliupe dough 
into balls 1" in diameter. Place on 
Spryeoaled baking sheets and press 
each ball with fork. Hake in moderately 
-b.w oven (32">T.> 15-20 min. Makes 
5 i !•>/. 


A l» II KOI Til I !>l IE I I - 1 I V S 

1 recipe Apricol filling, p. 18 
7(1 cnp Homogenised Spry 

1 cup brown sugar, firmly parked 

I teaspoon salt 

1 teaspoon grated orange rind 

1 <'£<;. unbeaten 

2 'i rii|>- sifted all-purpose flour 

1 iciispoon 1 1. 1 1. in.-: powder 
!i teaspoon soda 

H luhlcspoons milk 

Make Apiicoi Filling and lei cool, 

Meanwhile make cookie dough. C 

bine Spry ami next 1 ingredients ami 
brat thoroughly. Si f I Clour, baking 
powder, and soda together; add Va of 
flour to Spry mixture and blend. Add 
milk and remaining Hour, mixing aftei 
each addition. Chill dough 1 hr. Roll 
dOUgll ' s" thick Oil floured board and 
(•lit nut rounds with '-" ■■•" cookie cutter. 
Put I heaping teaspoon ol apricol till 
ing on V2 of cookie-. Wiih thimble, cui 
mil centers 01 other cookies and place 
mi filled cookies. Press edges of cookies 
together with fork. Bake on Sprycoated 
baking sheets in moderately hoi oven 
(375*F.) 8-10 uiiii. Make- 2 do/. 

Apricol Thimble-ilas 


' V, ' 




AHUCOT FILLING. Mash 1 cup drained. 
cooked dried apricots to s smooth pulp. 
Add (t tablespoons drained apricol 
juice, ',:.> cup sugar, 1 tablespoon orange 
juice. Cook over low heal until thick, 
stirring frequently (about 15 min.). 
Cool. Make- enough filling for 2 do/. 
Ipricol Thimble-itas. 

Itl.l ItM.llt VTOIC 

1 -z nip Homogenised Sprj 
I cup sifted brown sugar, firmly 
-' 1 teaspoon sail 

:: 1 teaspoon vanilla 
I '■-:■.- iinhcalcii 

1 '^ cups sifted all-purpose flour 

1 £ teaspoon soda 

1 j flip walnuts, chopped very fine 

I'ut fust 5 ingredients in mixing bowl 
and bcal until Bmootk. Sifl flour with 
soda; add to Spiv mixture and mix 
well. Stir in nut-. Pros doii^b very 
lirinlv together into a roll 2" in diam- 
eter. Wrap in double thickness of 
waxed paper, twisting ends tightly. 
dull in refrigerator for several hours 
or overnight. To hake, oul ' s" slices 
and place on Sprycoated cookie sheets. 
Bake in moderately hoi oven (375° F.) 
8-10 min. Make- 5 do/. 


■fl nip sifled nll-piirpo-e flour 
-:i cup -ngiir 

\ r -i teaspoon '-all 

\il rup Homogenized Spry 

1 egg. unbeaten 

1 teaspoon vanilla 

2 teaspoons light corn sirup 

2 o/. fhoeiihile. melleil 

2 Hi cups walnuts, eul in large piece- 
Sill first 3 ingredients into mixing 
bowl. Vdd remaining ingredients ex- 
cept nuts, lieat 200 strokes. Stir in nuts. 
Drop by teaspoon fids. I" apart, on 
Sprycoated cookie sheet. Hake in mod- 
erate oven (350° F.) just 8 min. let 
Cookies Cool on cookie' -beet 2 min., 
remove to wire rack. Makes 4 do/. 



Jloi Breads . . . 
Biscuits . . . Rolls 

With Spry's Easy Methods! 


2 cups sifted all-purpose Hour 
:i teaspoons bilking powder 
:! i leas) 11 -nil 

! :i I'll |> Homogenized Spry 
' i Clip milk 

Sifi lir-i .'! ingredients into mixing 
bowl. Chi in Spi\ until mixture i- as 
Gne a- meal, \dd milk, mixing to B sofl 
dough. Knead lightly on (loured board 
21) -it. lioll in '•_•" thickness, (.'hi with 
Roured biscull cutter : place biscuits on 
baking sheet. Bake in vet) liol oven 

( 150' K.I 12 mill. Make- I (log. iW 

biscuits in I Ys (In/. 2" biscuits. 

BEST-EVER BISCUITS. Increase Spry u, 
1 .. cup. These extra-flaky biscuit' are 
ideal (in shortcake*, in". 

ting in Spry, add ■' i cup grated tincr- 

iruil ilit'csc. I '/is luhh'.-poiill- null line- 

l\ chopped green peppei and plinienlo. 

\li\. knead, roll, nil : brush bisenils 

u it li cream : bake as above, 

CINNAMON ROLLS. Roll dough into 

ic( tangle 6" x IH" and aboul ' i" thick. 

I nam 1 tablespoons Imller or inni- 

gurine with yfc cup brown migai and 
I teaspoon cinnamon and spread on 
dough. Sprinkle with '.| i'ii|i chopped 
nuts and ' i cup seeded raisins, nil in 

pieces. Roll like a jelly roll, nil into 
I'A" pieces, and place, nil side dowDi 
in Sprycoated 2V&" muffin pans. Make in 
hoi oven i 125' K.I 15-20 min. Makes 12. 

A quick kneading of the dough makes 
light, flaky baking powder biscuits. 

DATE uitl \ i> 

1 cup dates, ciii in pieces 
1 ^. cup walnuts, chopped 

I cup liui water 
1 :i cup Homogenised Spry 
1 j teaspoon miIi 
•' i cup brown sugar, firml) packed 

I egg;, unbeaten 
1 'i- cup-, sated all-purpose Hour 

I teaspoon soda 
1 j cup bran or whole wheal flour 

Combi lates, nuts, and hoi water; 

l.-i -land. Combine Spry, salt, brown 
Bugar, ami egg and beal thoroughly. 
Add date mixture i" Sprj mixture and 
mix well. Sift limit with soda, add to 
Spry mixture; add bran and mix. Bake 
in Sprycoated 5" x 9" x 3" loaf pan in 
moderate oven (350° F.) 65-75 rain. 

oram;i v FIG BREAD. Use &cup each 

CUl-up figs and ilnlis. U-e ' 2 CUp inch 

orange juice and //"/ water; add 2 tea- 
spoons grated orange rind to the Spry- 
sugar mixture. 



2 cups siflcil all-purpose (lour 

3 teaspoons linking pnwdcr 

1 Vi teaspoon! sail 
1 i cup sugar 
'/Si >'»i> Homogenised Spry 

I Cgg, I i. .11 i n 

1 cup milk 

Sift first I ingredients into mixing 
howl. Cut in Spry until mixture is as 
lilic as meal, Combine egg and milk. 

Turn liquids into dry ingredients and 
Stix until all flour i- dampened. Turn 
battel into Sprycoated 2' ■/ muffin puns, 

filling I ln-iii '-':; full. Hake in lint oven 

(425*F.) 20-25 min. Makes 1 1 muffins. 

SflCYTOI" AI'IM.r. Mill INS. Add I cup 

apples, pared and finely chopped, to 
killer. Turn halter into Sprycoated 
'!'/■/' muffin pan-, filling them % full. 
Sprinkle with mixture of 2 tablespoons 
sugar and '/i teaspoon cinnamon. 


W pkg. compressed or dry yessl 
1 -i cup lukewarm waier 
I teaspoon sugar 

1 jj cup Homogenized Spry 
1 ■_' cup sugar 

1 egg. uiiliealeii 

2 nips II till all-purpose Hour 
> teaspoons linking pnwdcr 

1 -j l . I - | in. .M snll 

1 i cup milk 

Crumble or sprinkle yeast in lukewarm 
water in -mall bowl; add 1 teaspoon 

sugar and mix well. Lei stand until 

yeasl is thoroughly dissolved (5-15 
inin. I. Combine Spry, Vi cup Bugar, 
and egg anil Ileal until smooth. Sid 
Hour with baking powder and salt ; add 
half to Spry mixture, beating well. Add 
yeasl mixture, then milk ami remain- 
ing Hour, beating after each addition 
until smooth. Spread batter in Spry- 
coated 9" round layer pan I ' ■/' deep. 
Sprinkle with Crumbly Topping. Hake 
in moderate oven (350°F.) 40-50 min. 

CRUMBLY TOPPING. Mix Va cup firmly 

(lacked brown sugar, '/l cup sifted alt- 
purpose /luiir. and 'a teaspoon cinna- 
mon. Cut in 3 tablespoons butter or 
margarine. Add ',i cup chopped wal- 
nuts and mix. 


Spread x /-> of halter in Sprycoated '/' 
round layer pan P/o" deep. Spread '/;> 
i up ainnril apricot puree over halter. 
Spoon remaining batter on top and 
spread over filling. Sprinkle lop with 
Crumbly Topping, hake as directed. 

I.ICilll \S-I 0\M KOI IS 

1 pkg. compressed or dry yeast 
'/l cup lukewarm waler 

1 teaspoon sugar 

]/> cup Homogenized Spry 

I :l i teaspoons sail 

1 i cup sugar 
I cup scalded milk 

' egg, well beaten 

3 l .| cups sifled all-purposi* flour 

Crumble or sprinkle yeasl in lukewarm 

water in small howl. Add 1 teasp i 

sugar and mix well. Let stand until 
yeasl i- dissolved (5-15 mill. I. I'ut 
Spry. salt, and "4 cup sugar in large 
howl and add scalded milk. Stir until 
Spry is melted, then cool to lukewarm. 
Add egg and dissolved yeasl and mix 
thoroughly. Add flour gradually, heat- 
ing thoroughly after each addition and 
heal until hatter is smooth. Cover and 
let rise until light (about l'/a his. I. 
Slir down with spoon. Cover and let 
rise until light (about 'A hi. I. Spoon 
batter iutn Sprycoated 3" mufhii pans, 
filling them a scant ■/; full. Let rise 
until light (20 min. I. ISru-li lops with 
melted butter or margarine and sprin- 
kle with poppy teed or sesame seed. 
Bake in hoi oven (425T.) 12-18 min. 
.Makes 22 rolU. 

VARIATION. Substitute Vi cup corn 
meal and VI cup 6r«wi for x /-> cup flour. 



Spry-Frietl Footls . . . 

o Appetizing ami I »ii;i-~i il.l<- ! 

P ic I a«ii i itn i> POTATOES 

Spry'* bliiiirli-tinil-brinrii nirthoil gives 

crisp, delicious French fries! It is eas- 
iei because the potatoes are blanched 
ahead of mealtime and browned jusl 
before sen ing. 

Preparation of Potatoes, Pare 6 me- 
dium potatoes, cut into :; s " alices, then 
into :I S " strips and drop into cold water. 
Dry thoroughly between clean cloth 

Blanching at 3S0°F,—done ahead of 
mealtime. Winn Spry in fryer has 
reached a temperature of .'!. r >0 l\. put 
J /4 of the potatoes in frying basket, 
lower into hoi Spry, and fry until ten- 
der but mil brown (.'i-6 min.). Drain 
"ii absorbenl paper. Blanch remaining 
3 lots in same waj . 

Browning at 890" F.— done fust before 
toning. Reheat Spr) i" 390*F. Put V-> 
ui the blanched potatoes in basket and 
fry in Imi Sprj until brown (2-3 min.). 
Drain on absorbent paper. Brown re- 
maining hall in same was. Sprinkle 
with salt and serve immediately as they 

lose their ci i-i ss on Btanding. Makes 

6 servings. 

If a 1" square of bread turns golden 
brown in 1 minute, the lemperature 
of the hot fat is correct for most frying. 

TASTY 1 1 \ \ C Itoqi ETTES 

2 tablespoons rhoppnl 

Yi <-u|i diced celerj 

4 tablespoons Homogenised Spry 

5 tablespoons Hour 

:1 i teaspoon sail 

1 1 teas] ii pepper 

1 nip milk 

I 7-1)/.. rim tiinn. linked 

1 tllllll ] n 11,1.1 

1 tablespoon rlioppcil parsley 

Inn III < , ill Mll>- 

I i'ks- !-lii:htl> beaten with 
1 tablespoon water 

Cook 111111111 and celerj in Spry until 
lender. Stir in flour, sail, and pepper. 

Add milk. < k anil -tii until thick ami 

smooth, Add lima, lemon juice, pars- 
ley, and mix well. Spread mixture in 
shallow pan ami chill in refrigerator 
several hours or overnight. Shape unto 
small cylinders about 2%" \ l". Roll in 
crumbs, dip in egg, then roll unuin in 
crumbs. Frj in deep hoi Spry (.'l7. r >°F.i 
2-3 min.. in until brown. Serve alone, 

or with inii-hi n sauce or a delicate 

cheese sauce, Make- (< servings. 


s vi hon AtMIs LIMA 


1-lb, eon salmon 

1 rup OOOked lima Ih-.mi- 

2 tablespoons chopped green 

1 1 cup catchup 

1 .: rup flour 

1 teaspoon -nli 

1 teaspoon chopped onion 

2 egg*. Iienlen 

Remove bones and skin from salmon 
ami separate into fine flakes. Add next 

') ingredients and blend. Add eggs and 

mix well. Drop by tablesp tfuls into 

deep bol Sprj (375*F.) and 1 1\ about 
.1 inin.. or until brown. Serve with lem- 
on wedges. Makes 6 servings. 

Salmon and Lima Spoon-elles 


I nip sifted all-purpose Hour 

1 ' £ teaspoons haking powder 

1 1 cup sugar 
I ! j teaspoons suit 
1 egg. beaten 

1 ;; rup milk 

1 tablespoon Homogenized Spry 

2 hnitaiias. nil lengthwise and 
IntO I" pirn- 

Sill first I ingredients into mixing 
bowl. \'\'i egg, milk, anil Spry and 
liral until smooth. Dip pieces of banana 
in batter and fry in deep bol Spry 
(375' I', i I min.. or until brown. Drain 
mi absorbent paper. Make- 6 servings. 
Servo « iili confectioners 1 sugar or with 
i Dear Lemon Same. p. 22. 

vi'i'i.i: (tit PINEAPPLE FRITTERS. In- 
stead "I hummus, ii-e 2 large apples, 

pared, enred. and sliced in eighths, or 
5 sliee- canned pineapple, drained and 


CLEAB LEMON mi ce. \li\ m sauce- 
pan: V» cup sugar, I tablespoon emu- 
starch, dash of sail. Stir in I cup boil- 
ing Killer and boil genii) 5 min. \ibl 
1 lalilespoon butter or margarine, 
grated rind and juice of I lemon, and 
1 .i teas) n nutmeg. Makes I 1 - cups. 


I Hi. tresfa or paekuged frozen 

nsh fillets 
1 1 cup corn meal 
1 1 cup (lour 
I teaspoon salt 

Dash of pepper 
1 egg. .-lightly henten with 
2 tuhlespoons water 

' •_• eup Homogenized Spry 

If li.-b is frozen, thaw lii-t ; cill fish into 
.serving pieces. Mix corn meal. Hour. 

and seasoning.-. Dip li-li in egg mixture, 
then in Hour mixture. Ileal Spry in 
In aw -killel until a drop of water 

sizzles in it, pul in fish, and frj over 
high beat until li-b is golden brown on 
both side-. Remove to lint platter, gar- 
nish with lemon wedges and parsley. 
Make- I servings. 

PAN-FRIED SHALL FISH. Trout, butler- 

fish, smells, and Other small fish ;m.' 

delicious cooked as above, (dean the 

li-b. leaving them whole, then prepare 
and fry as above. A double dip in egg 
and crumbs give- an even ern>l. ( )ne lb. 

of whole fish make- 2 servings, 


l Kii i» CHICKEN 
I £ cup flmir 
1 '/• teaspoons suit 
1 g teaspoon pepper 
1 teaspoon paprika 

3-lli. hrnilcr-frycr. cut in pieces 

IJ4 cap Homogenized Spry 
1 jjreen onion, finely rill, or 

1 t.i M< -| i chopped onion 

2 tuhlcspoous chopped parsley 

1 i cup water 

I enp light cream 
1 enp milk 
'•j lb. mushrooma (caps sliced and 

I'ni 1 1 1- - 1 I ingredients in paper bag. 
Put 2 pieces "I chicken ;ii a time in 
paper bag and shake in coat evenly. 
Ileal Spo in skillet until a drop of 
watei sizzles in ii. Place chicken in 
skillet ami fry until golden browi mi 
linlli sides. Sprinkle union anil parsley 
over chicken, udd water, Cover and 
cook over low heal until tender (aboul 
Yi In. i. Remove chicken in hoi platter, 

and pour "IT all Inn •'! ialile-| ns ol 

drippings. Stir in remaining 3 table- 
s] is flour mixture and brown, \'l<! 

Country Kitchen Fried Chicken 

lijilil cream and milk and stir and cook 
until thickened. Add sauteed mush- 
room caps. Serve the platter of fried 
chicken with accompanying gravj boal 
ol mushroom sauce and a dish "I pars- 
leyed new potatoes. Mokes l servings. 


browning chicken on both -ides in 
skillet, place uncovered skillet in Mot 

oven (I2.VF.I and hake 15 inin.. or 
until lender. Or transfer browned 
chicken i" baking pan anil bake. 


4 medium-sized potatoes 
1 .; enp Homogenized Spry 

Pare potatoes and cut lengthwise into 
1 i" strips. |('r cut inin ' ■/' slices then 
cut into ' j" cubes.) Drop potatoes into 
cold water to prevent discoloration. 
Remove from water ami dry thoroughly 
between clean elolli inweU. Melt Spry 

in lieavv skillet over lii^li heal. Add 

potatoes. Fry quickly, turning often 

with wide -palulu. until crisp und 
golden brown. Drain on absorbent pa- 
per. Sprinkle with salt ami serve imme 
diately. Make- I servings. 



Savory Meats . . . 
Tempt i n <i 
Casseroles ! 

no am it kki:v 

(8-10 lb-. i 

Prepare turkei f»r roasting, then stuff 
and truss ii. Brush bird all over with 
melted Spry arul place on rack in 
masting pan. Urush a piece of mii-liii 
generously with melted Spry and lay 
over bird, lining ii fall loosely over tlie 
sides. ( rAis Spry-brushing of bird and 
rlnili makes basting unnecessary.) Do 
not adil water, do nol cover. ftoasl in 
moderate oven (350"F.) 4-5 In-., or 
until lender and Hidden lirown all over. 
Tin n bird during roasting to brown 
evenly. Remove cloth about V2 hr. be- 
fore end of roasting. Remove turkey to 
hoi platter and make gravj from drip- 
pings. Chicken can be roasted in the 
same ivaj . 


;; qts. soft bread crumbs 
2 ] - teaspoons salt 

1 1 teaspoon pepper 

1 I .;i-| 1. ..>ii sage 

a, teaspoon thyme 

2 tablespoons parsley, chopped 

1 ■_■ cup Homogenized Spry 

' & eup onion, minced 

'..'i eup butler or margarine 

':; eup 1. oil iu» water 

Combine firsl 6 ingredients and mix. 
Melt Spry in skillet, add onion, and 
cook until lender. Add crumbs and 
fry until delicatel) browned, Bthxing 
constantly. Melt butter in boiling water 

and pour over crumbs, tossing lightl] 
with twn forks. Add more water if 

needed. Make- smiling for fi lb. bird. 


2 ' •• eups uncooked liroiul noodles, 
broken in picrc- 

4 tablespoons Homogenized Spry 

I Inbli spoons Hour 

1 teaspoon suit 

1 s teaspoon pepper 

1 % teaspoon celery salt 

2 nips milk 

I tablespoon grated onion 

1 cup grated American cheese 

2 .up- eooketl chicken, cut in 


■i tablespoons piniiento. chopped 
.'{ tablespoons parsley, chopped 
1 j cup grated American cheese 

(look noodles until lender as directed 
on pkg. Mell Spry in saucepan, add 
Hour and seasonings, and blend. Stir 
in milk gradually: add graled onion 
and cook anil stir over low beat until 
thickened. \dd I cup grated cheese 

and stir until cheese is melted. Add 
en. iked noodles, chicken, piniiento. and 
parsley and mix. Turn into 2-qt. Spry- 
coaled casserole. Sprinkle V2 oup 

grated cheese over lop. Hake in mod- 
erately but oven (375° K. I 40-50 min.. 
or until bubbly and browned. Makes 
6 servings. 


Beef Slroganoff 


I III. sirloin or roiimf slcak 

1 ," thick 

I clove garlic, peclctl and cut 
.*( lalilespoon- Hour 

I • i teaspoon! salt 
1 i teaspoon popper 
I teaspoon paprika 
1 i cup Homogenized Sprj 

1 cap chopped onion 

I ran condensed consomme 

(l'l Clips) 

1 ■_• cii|i water 

1 Hi. fresh mushroomsi sliced 
1 •_• enp sour cream 

2 tablespoons chives, cut fine 

Itiil) both sides of meal with garlic, 
then cut Into snips. I ' •_." \ I". Mi* 
Hour. -all. pepper, and paprika; add 
meal strips and toss light!) until strips 
are well coated with flour. Reserve re- 
maining mixture. Heal Sprj In heavj 
skillet. Add meal and brown well, then 
add onions and continue cooking until 
onion- are transparent. Add remaining 
Hour mixture, consomme, water, and 
mushrooms. Cover and cook slowly 
until meal is tender (about l ' \ ln-.i. 
stirring occasional!] : then remove cov- 
rr ami continue cooking until mixture 

i- Blightl) thickened. V • I « I - ■ cream 

and cliivi- ami blend. Serve with cooked 
broad noodles. Make- l-fi servings. 


I Mi-, chuck beef, boned ami 

I i cup Hour 

.'{ teaspoons sail 

I I teaspoon pepper 

1 clove garlic 

1 1 cup Homogenized Spry 

1 i nip water 

.'{ large onion-, sliced 

2 in:.-., carrots, sliced 

I cup fresh lonialoes. 

eui in pieces 

Hull meal in mixture ol flour, salt, and 
peppe,r. Sear meal with garlic in In. I 
Sprj in heav) kettl • Dutch oven un- 
til meal i- well browned on all sides. 
i Remove garlic when it is brown. > \iU 
water and vegetables. Put garlic clove 
back in kettle. Cover and cook slowly 
until tender (about I Ins.). Turn meal 
occasionally, adding a little water if 
necessar) io keep meal from sticking. 
Remove meal i" hoi platter, strain nil 

liquid in keltic and measure. \dd 

enough water to make 2 cups. (Do not 
put vegetables back in.) Blend ' i cup 
flour with & cup cold water; add grad- 

uallj i" liquid in kettle, i king and 

stirring until thickened. Makes <> serv- 



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